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Poetic Trucker "Broken Dreams"

by Lance Figgins (Author) | Published: 17/08/2015

Trucking is a lonely life for the trucker, as well as for the family and friends. Lance spent the last year over coming a divorce from a marriage of 22 years, a heart attack, his truck engine blew, and his heart got broken because his choice of employment keeps him on the move and the girl he choose didn’t handle it well. His poetry comes from true depths of the pain and stress he experienced this past year. Heart felt and driven by a mind and heart of a guy who works hard and Loves passionately. The title of his book comes from the truth of his life, Poetic Trucker.

Time Passes On

by Lance Figgins (Author) | Published: 29/08/2016

Lance has written a collection of poems that tells stories and soothes the heart like a song being sung. These writings give you comfort to your emotions or can tear you up. While reading his collection you will go on trips through the mountains, see rivers, lakes, and streams and romance through a sunset. Your heart will be compelled to fight for the broken hearted or to hug the pain away. You will be uplifted with hope and faithfulness. Life on the road Lance witnessed relationships, scenery, disasters, road construction, and many other forms of life in motion. Life on the road can be lonely for the truckers. Lance has the ability to see the beauty, hardships and write about is in such a-way you’ll find comfort and laughter. Lance’s writing has received around the world personal reviews for being funny, adventurous, and heartfelt.

Whispered Words

by Lance Figgins (Author) | Published: 12/05/2017

In Whispered Words, Lance has put together some amazing stories in poetic form. All of these poems have some truth to them whether they’re things he’s experienced, witnessed, or heard from other people he’s met in his trucking throughout the United States and Canada. Some of the places he’s visited and seen have been unbelievable! So as you are reading this book, close your eyes and take a trip in your mind with him.

A Mile of Time

by Lance Figgins (Author) | Published: 18/01/2018

Lance and that blue Peterbilt that he calls “Girlfriend” continue to drive through this beautiful country. This past winter season he’s been stranded on more than one occasion in many different areas of the country. This time allows him to delve further in his writings. Stories come to life in Whispered Words as he gains new perspective in his writing passion. Although Lance loves his poetry, he has started a new adventure in writing. Stories in short form filled with action, suspense, and romance are being consumed by his test readers. Book four, A Mile of Time is filled with heart-wrenching words. He hopes you enjoy all his books and look forward to book five as this will be the start of his new short story series.

Love Storm: Love, Laughter, and Tears

by Lance Figgins (Author) | Published: 07/10/2019

Still Burning Desire After the kidnapping and murder of a young child just a few miles from where Chase and Lilly live, they decide Chicago is two dangerous and pack up and move to Colorado. With Lilly being a nurse and Chase a firefighter, employment comes easy although Chase must go to smoke jumpers school. Can he learn to jump out of airplanes and survive the worst fire in Colorado history? Trouble in Paradise The wedding is over, and the honeymoon is about to begin. With the cruise ship in international waters and drugs on board, can four federal agents stop a drug-smuggling operation while trying to survive and keep everyone safe? Come along with Blair, Sophia, Larry, and Angelina as they team up with Jake, Faith, Dante, and Jacci and battle to survive. The Face Whisper Lief and Jayden have dreamed about each other yet have never met. Can love come from a dream? Follow these two lovebirds as they go through their lives looking for each other. Can dreams become reality? Is there such a thing as a soul connection or soul mate?