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Soft Beach Sand

Moonlit night and a walk on the beach. Something special for lovers to reach.

If this would include you and me. What a fantastic feeling it could be.

For something like this to happen to me. Is another dream. For you to be with me.

As we walk in the warm beach sand. 

I take your hand, as I turn to you. 

 A gentle kiss I give to you.

I look into your glistening eyes. I place another gentle kiss. 

 On your beautiful lips.

I whisper softly in your ear. So very soft you barely hear. 

The love I have is only for you.

There’s nothing more I can give to you.

You own me now, my heart my soul. With you, I have no control.

Secrets I’ve kept held close inside. All your beauty; you cannot hide.

It fills my heart with loving pride. This beautiful woman, at my side.

A warm summers night. On the soft beach sand. As we walk hand in hand.

Is there a chance. That you could be. In love with the man that’s holding your hand.
What a beautiful thought this could be. If you where here, walking with me.
If you were in love with me. A beautiful walk while holding your hand.
A romantic walk hand in hand. A romantic night on the soft beach sand.

Author: Lance Figgins

This poem is copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

Poetic Trucker Whispered Words – Just Released!

Slow Dancing

As we sit in the living room sharing a glass of wine. Music playing on the speakers softly somewhere behind.
I take you by the hand and lead you in the middle of the floor. I put my arm around you. You move closer than we where before.
The light glistens from your eyes. Liquid brown they’re so beautiful to see. I can feel your eyes looking at me.
As I gaze into your eyes. I can see a sparkle that wasn’t there before.
I hold you close as I dance with you. I can tell you are happy too.
You hold me tight, as we sway in time. The music playing softly behind. I quietly think, am I in love with you?
I can’t help but look at you. Your so beautiful it goes clear through.
As I lay next to you. I gently stroke your hair. I can hear your breathing to.
You snuggle close against my chest. Totally happy and completely at rest.
As I gaze at you. I can tell you’re the only one for me. I’m scared I’m falling in love with you.
I’ve been hurt before. I can survive. I pray you don’t hurt me to.
I whisper softly. I love you. That’s the only time. I can say it to you.

Author: Lance Figgins

This poem is copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Some days, writing is just so easy. I wrote this while having coffee and yes dreaming again. I hope you enjoy it. I’m sure it will be in my next book of poetry.

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, tell me what you see. Is it a life time of being with me?
This is just a dream, will come true? Do you know what I want to do.
I’ll hold your hand, as you walk me. Come on girl tell me what you see.
I’ll hold you close, as you dance with me. Show you the world and all it can be.
Everything we do, just you and I. Is that a tears running from your eyes.
I’ll whisper in your ear, as we sway in time. I’ll show the world you are truly mine.
I’ll hold you close, never let you go. I promise I’ll go so very slow.
I close my eyes, I can plainly see you standing there holding on to me.
Is this a dream, will it come true. Tell me girl what do you want to do.

Author: Lance Figgins

This poem is copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s been a while, but I have started writing again. I finished this just a few days ago. Tell me what you think. I’ll answer all comments or questions, although I am in the road again. Please share this. Thank you and enjoy.

Beat of our Heart

Close your eyes and picture this. You and I engaged in a kiss.
Magic is the feeling as your lips meet mine. Passion is the feeling as your tongue touches mine
The beat of your heart I can feel. The softness of your skin, is this a dream or real.
The places of pleasure I well find. Soft is the touch of your hand on mine.
The warmth of you so close to me. The fire the desire is burning inside of me.
To a song we sway in time. There is no music it’s only in our mind.
Fresh is the taste that entrances me. Sweet are the lips that have captured me.
For the pleasure of loving you. I will always honor you.
The moon the stars I can not be. Although can you just simply love the man in me.
For all of this I can do. Is to always love and protect you.

Author: Lance Figgins

This poem is copyrighted and may not be used without permission.