Poet . Author . Trucker

Lance Figgins

Lance Figgins is a car enthusiast, an over-the-road trucker, and a writer. Recently, he published a new book, Poetic Trucker: Broken Dreams. It houses a selection of poems that articulates his thoughts on every place he visits along with his experiences in the open road. His creative prose is the result of mixing in places and things he has done to make his writing believable.


The trucker’s life is a lonely one. Lance has been keeping himself quite busy by driving and composing poems and novels. Many of the stories he writes take place in places he has visited from coast to coast: from the highest snow-capped mountains to the driest desert dunes.
He also owns and operates a blue Peterbilt semi-truck, which can be seen in several of his pictures (AKA: girlfriend). He also values time spent with his son Josh and his parents. Lance is a big fan of the natural outdoors.
Everything from hunting and fishing to camping and winter survival camping is available.
Lance is a heartfelt and motivated individual who works hard and loves passionately.
Keep your eyes peeled as you travel this summer. You might see him almost everywhere and at any moment. If you do, please come up to me and say, “Hi!”​