Poet . Author . Trucker

Welcome! My name is Lance Figgins

I started writing about 15 years ago. After having four books of poetry published, I turned my

attention to fiction. The first was a book titled Love Storm: The Beginning. Next came Love

Storm: Love Laughter And Tears.

I mix my hobbies and interests into my writing, so many parts that you read are actually true.

After writing Deadly Desire and getting noticed by what I thought at the time was Hollywood. I

was asked to write a prequel (Fight To Survive) and sequel (Surviving Evil). For now, I’m going

to continue concentrating my efforts on writing the Joe and Kay West series with Blood In The

Desert Sand and Justifiable Vengeance both of which are finished and in various stages of


I’m currently writing Nowhere To Run which promises to be a very exciting story. I have more

ideas to continue this series along with ideas to continue the Love Storm series.

I have a great love for the outdoors, and I believe it shows in my writing. I enjoy most outdoor

activities like fishing, hunting, hiking and camping. I’ve even gone winter survival camping. Yes,

that means I’ve slept outside in a snow cave. In my travels and being a long distance trucker, all

of the areas I describe in my writing I have seen first hand while trucking, hiking, or hunting. I’m

a licensed pilot and have spent numerous hours flying to various destinations to enjoy the

outdoors. Mother Earth or Mother Nature is an unbelievable mistress-once she has you in her

grasp, you’ll spend every extra minute exploring her beauty.

I also dedicate time every year to teach Hunters Safety to our young people. It’s up to our

generation to pass on the knowledge so future generations can enjoy these outdoor activities.

I’m also licensed to teach the more advanced outdoor activities like Bow Hunter Education,

Advanced Bow Hunter Education, and Snowmobile and ATV safety.