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Lance Figgins - Press Release

Three Fiction Stories in One Screenplay Gets a Nod for Production
Lance Figgins tries his hand in script creation after his publishing success. Three stories of love, survival, and destiny intertwine in Lance Figgins’s screenplay of Love Storm. After the success of his published work, Figgins collaborates with Filmways Pictures Agency for the project. The production company will also manage the creative rights of the said script.
The first plot in the screenplay tells the story of Chase, Lilly, and their kids. They decided to move to Colorado because Chicago is too dangerous for their family. But Chase has to learn how to jump from planes and fight forest fires that take away lives.
The second plot is about four federal agents onboard a cruise ship. But Blair, Sophia, Larry, and Angelina have to stop a drug-smuggling operation in international waters. And survive the dangerous situation if they want to tell their adventures after disembarking from the ship.
Lastly, the third plot shares the story of Lief and Jayden as they find out the meaning of their dreams. Although they have never met yet, destiny may be calling them both towards the same journey. “I find peace and solace in writing. That is why I always enjoy my time as a writer. I hope that the screenplay will reflect that kind of enjoyment, so the audience will find it entertaining too,” said Figgins. The screenplay production with Filmways Pictures is progressing smoothly. Figgins shared that he is utterly excited about the outcome of the project this year.


About the Writer

Lance Figgins is a car enthusiast, an over-the-road trucker, and a writer. Recently, he published a new book, Poetic Trucker: Broken Dreams. It houses a selection of poems that articulates his thoughts on every place he visits along with his experiences in the open road. His creative prose is the result of mixing in places and things he has done to make his writing believable.

Aside from Love Storm: Love, Laughter, and Tears and the anthology of poetry, he also penned Love Storm: The Beginning. He also wrote these titles as a series: Deadly Desire, Fight to Survive, and Surviving Evil. His fourth book in the installment, Blood in the Desert Sand is also nearly done and Lance has just started the fifth one, Justifiable Vengeance. Additionally, he has commenced work on the sixth book within the ongoing Joe and Kay West trilogy.

Lance Figgins